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Logistics Harvester Features

Manage Staff, Allocate Resources, & Schedule Presentations

Allows meeting organizers to build a list of resources available at their conference, assign those resources to specific rooms in a convention center, then automatically schedule sessions into open rooms with the criteria they've defined.

Define Rooms & Resources

Add your venue, available rooms, and important data such as room capacity, minimum and maximum expected attendance, days and time slots, and more. Define additional information that you can assign to rooms like staff members, volunteers, AV items, drinks, snacks, and more.

Allocate Resources to Rooms

Then assign human, physical, and additional resources to available rooms. The system will notify you of any conflicts and help you allocate resources properly. Something that previously took hours now takes a matter of minutes.

Automatically Schedule Sessions

Finally, schedule individual sessions to available rooms via an automated process. Essentially an algorithm checks available rooms with the required resources for that session, detects conflicts with other sessions and speakers, then gives the meeting organizer a list of available rooms to schedule the session at the click of a button. No more white boards and sticky notes!

From Abstracts to App, You're Set!

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